Everything is becoming a Game...

Patron is an early-stage venture capital firm, backing founders building towards an interactive and multiplayer internet.


Spectrum of Play

We believe that games will shape the next internet, and that's where we will be.

Virtual Worlds

Builders, Creatives & Community Leaders

We invest in founders who look beyond how we function today to usher in the next digital era. One that is more interactive and multiplayer.

Eric Feng Cymbal

Eric Feng is the cofounder and CEO of Cymbal. He previously led ecommerce incubations at Facebook, consumer internet investments at Kleiner Perkins, and was the founding CTO and head of product at Hulu.

Bonafidehan Deca

Han is the Founder & CEO of Deca. He is the largest single owner of both Fidenza and Incomplete Control NFT art collections. Previously he worked at Amazon, Google, Dropbox + 2 startups. Part of 6529 Capital.

Bruno Bittencourt Spacecaps

Bruno is a gaming creator turned founder that leverages his experience to empower the next generation of gamers. He is one of the most widely recognized mobile and web3 gaming ambassador in the world.

Rose Xi Tonic

Rose Xi leads product, engineering, and design teams. Prior to Tonic, she co-founded predictive analytics company Remedy Health. Rose is an alumna of Princeton University and the DesignerFund Bridge Fellowship.


Companies we’re committed to:


Team of builders and founders passionate about funding the future.

Jason Yeh Co-Founder & General Partner

Jason was an early team member that helped to build FirstMark Capital and was an early executive at Riot Games.

Brian Cho Co-Founder & General Partner

Brian was a founding member of a16z’s investment team and held senior leadership roles at Riot Games over the past decade.

Amber Atherton Partner

Amber is a serial entrepreneur whose Y Combinator backed start-up was acquired by Discord. She is the author of ‘The Rise of Virtual Communities’. Published by Apress in 2023.


Backed by some of the best builders and investors in the world.

Arianna Simpson a16z crypto

Brian and Jason have deep expertise across web3 and games, and it's clear that founders actively seek them out. They have a great nose for talent, and their experience from building Riot is an immediate value-add. I'm thrilled to be an LP and frequent co-investor.

Yat Siu Animoca

The open metaverse will allow for a more equitable internet, one where we have digital property rights, and a nonzero-sum approach. Patron is passionate and deeply experienced in helping founders build toward such a future, and I'm a proud LP.

Robert Leshner Compound

The products and markets that win are increasingly driven by entertainment—Patron is the rare investor with a focus on understanding, and helping founders execute, on the opportunity to make the world more fun.

Roham Gharegozlou Dapper

There is incredible potential at the intersection of NFTs and play. I'm confident that the Patron team, with their deep domain expertise as investors and builders, will be the trusted partner of the next wave of founders in this space.