Everything is becoming a Game...

Patron is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the convergence of games and consumer startups, a space we call the Spectrum of Play.


Spectrum of Play

We believe that games will shape the next internet, and that's where we will be. From Education to Fitness to Shopping, our everyday reality will increasingly feel like a game.

Virtual Worlds

Builders, Creatives & Community Leaders

We invest in founders who look beyond how we function today to usher in the next digital era. One that is more interactive and multiplayer.

Stephen Lim Raid Base

Stephen was a game director at Riot Games and Blizzard. He most recently served as the Executive Producer leading the VALORANT team as it developed from R&D concept into one of the leading FPS games in the world.

Tikue Anazodo Kudos

Tikue has worked in product leadership roles at Affirm, YouTube and Google Pay. He most recently served as the Lead PM at Affirm working on the Amazon integration.

Susannah Maybank Tonic

Susannah is the former Head of Digital at leading global fine arts gallery Gagosian. She recently completed her MBA at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University prior to co-founding Tonic.

Rick Ling Rascal

Rick was the former founder and CEO of Blitz (backed by YC and Riot), which Discord acquired. There, he led the growth of the communities product organization from 0 to 1, building an org of 70+ people and developing the product line that accounted for nearly half of the network.


Companies we’re committed to:


Team of builders and founders passionate about funding the future.

Jason Yeh Co-Founder & General Partner

Jason was an early team member that helped to build FirstMark Capital and was an early executive at Riot Games.

Brian Cho Co-Founder & General Partner

Brian was a founding member of a16z’s investment team and held senior leadership roles at Riot Games over the past decade.

Amber Atherton Partner

Amber is a former founder, whose Y Combinator backed start-up was acquired by Discord. She is the author of ‘The Rise of Virtual Communities’.


Backed by some of the best builders and investors in the world.

Chris Dixon a16z Crypto

I'm really glad Brian and Jason are launching this fund because they get games. Brian was my colleague at Andreessen Horowitz and sourced Oculus while at the firm, so I know firsthand how visionary this fund will be. Any team playing in this space will want these two on their side.

Mitch Lasky Benchmark

Jason and Brian are two of my favorite young game investors. Their experience and judgment make them a fantastic resource for founders building next-generation companies in this highly dynamic environment.

Garry Tan Y Combinator

Gaming may be one of the biggest underserved markets in the startup ecosystem because there aren't investors like Jason and Brian who can see the opportunity through the consumer internet lens, and its massive potential to shape our future.

Ron Conway SV Angel

Gaming has turned into an important startup category that is now tough to ignore and requires a degree of specialization and we see Patron as the natural partner for us when it comes to supporting the founders in this space.