the path to mainstream adoption for NFTs is through value-additive (and non-predatory) experiences @spacecapsgg is one of the few orgs where the millions of their LATAM gamers have begun to openly embrace web3

Buzzy Brazilian esports and gaming org @LOUDgg is making big moves in Web3 with new parent company @spacecapsgg: Solana-based NFTs, engagement rewards, play-and-earn games, and more. A look inside the “massive opportunity” they see, at @decryptmedia:

if games could be fine art, elden ring was it from software is the most talented single player open world game builder in the world


Sony/PlayStation & Sixjoy/Tencent are buying part of Elden Ring, Souls, & Armored Core dev FromSoftware.

Tencent will become the 2nd Largest shareholder with 16.3%, while Sony will own 14.1% = 30.4% OR 36.4B JYEN. Kadokawa will remain majority owner

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Mark your calendars, rematch Friday Noon PT against @derekedws in @vbagame . Let’s see if I can end Patron’s 0-forever streak against the C+C teams. LFG PatronOfficial 🏀 🚀

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Actual Ben Simmons with the absolutely monster line to lead PatronOfficial to the W this time around. Gg @derekedws

NEW JOJI 🎶 @sushitrash

YUKON (INTERLUDE) out now. New album SMITHEREENS coming Nov 4. @sushitrash

Glad I had the foresight to pass on this as an angel in 2018 💀 to set us down this right path in the multiverse where Patron was born in 2021

Past startup attempt in 18 ➜ recreate Diablo w/NFTs

PvE dungeon crawler roguelite with emphasis on loot collection

PvP end-game built for degens & whales

no tokens, only gears are NFTs/on-chain, ability to risk gears for better ones as you descend or PvP

no ability to earn

Past startup attempt in 18 ➜ recreate Diablo w/NFTs PvE dungeon crawler roguelite with emphasis on loot collection PvP end-game built for degens & whales no tokens, only gears are NFTs/on-chain, ability to risk gears for better ones as you descend or PvP no ability to earn

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User archetype would have started with crypto natives because most of us played D2. Would have been the highest stake PvP game in all of crypto Put up your grail NFTs for a chance to win/lose. No pay for power, all skill based. Live stream alone would have been a spectacle.

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Alas terrible timing re: last winter and my skill sets are better suited as an investor vs game dev. Hoping someone takes a crack at this one day, with a much sharper and modern take. Happy to jam on any teams building something like this as we spent hundreds of hours on GDD.

art is utility max leveled another decagon to 30 this one is special, early mint double digits: #97 @0xDecaArt @kGolid

Proud of my friend Derek and the @88rising crew for putting on an incredible show, bringing 40k+ out in LA for Head in the Clouds, building culture and bringing people together around good music 🔥 #HITCLA

can’t believe I slept on Inscryption for so long (on steam) low key 🐐 game

Grails szn so much fun, best part of the @proof_xyz ecosystem and community imo.

the reason why top multiplayer games are able to retain users for 10 years is because they are evergreen unsolvable puzzles bi-weekly patch updates / content updates ensures this this was leagues greatest innovation over dota

An under-appreciated aspect of online multiplayer games like League of Legends is how balanced their matchmaking is.

It’s remarkable that my win rate across 20 games of LoL is almost always 50%.

name a bigger trap than postulating on future use cases for emerging tech like crypto no one would have guessed DeFi, PFPs, art NFTs from the last cycle no one enjoys being told what to like better to back builders/artists who create and let market determine what users want

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@brianjcho One bigger trap could be looking at 6-9 months of activity during a market boom and rationalizing the creation of new business models around small/focused groups of users

☔️ picked one up cuz good vibes and supporting local artists

Gm ✨

I’ve been thinking about starting my own collection, and I took it into action just today.

“Nights from Sleeplessness Cities” Collection🌃
is now available on Opensea, and the first piece is;

✨”Rainy Gangnam Night”
💍20 editions, 0.03 $eth
🧵Link in the thread

One of the worst things that ever happened to musicians is the advent of ad driven streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube as the primary way for consumers to listen to music.

10 dollars a month for all of music was never meant to be sustainable. never was, never will.

it’s a pacifier to the music industry when the real value lies underneath.

ever consider how valuable is your listening history/habits?
way more than 10 bucks a month.

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Basically trained entire generations of fans to come to expect that music should be free and freely available on demand.

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The incredible thing is that most artists and their labels still don’t know a lot of details about who is listening to their music, who their most passionate and committed fans are.

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I’m really excited to see startups applying new technologies (incl web3) to help solve this problem and give knowledge and ownership of fan communities back to the people who deserve them most, the artists creating the art.

Great thread by @danidoesnotxist stemming from a thoughtful discussion on the @proof_xyz podcast a few weeks back on digital fashion and shifting from web2/game driven models into emergent web3 examples.

to say it was an honor for @pronounceddrop to be discussed on a recent episode of @proof_xyz is the understatement of the century

A 🧵 on the points @derekedws @kevinrose & @carlypreilly bought up around the state of imaginary clothing 👗🤖

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One thing to note is that a huge potential user base not outlined in the thread stems from consumers who buy to express themselves in purely digital worlds, namely games like League of Legends and Fortnite.

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It helped that over the last 10 years, gaming culture eventually intersected with the communities centered around streetwear and fashion, driven by Twitch streamers and Pro Gamers becoming a new type of aspirational icon for young consumers

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A big part of the strategy at Riot was centered around creating champion skins that actually made playing a champion more “fun” or helped players better relate to their favorite champions by expressing part of their own image and style onto the champion

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Think that this will eventually be a huge and growing use case for digital fashion within web3 especially as better games come to market that encourage players to express themselves and their own identity into their gameplay experience

gm ☀️

hot take: metaverse land makes sense in the context of a mmorpg-like experiences where land and resources are tied to gameplay case studies: ultima online from 90s and more recently albion online the main issue in web3 has been land (or any nft) sales front running the game

at the @Unopnd_Official demo day the korean web3 builder community is alive and well 🔥

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Great to see @sean_hahm @gyudae_kim @liligotit @redkiho in the flesh

An incredible feeling to be invited back to your home country to talk about crypto and our fund strategy 🙏 cc: @baekkyoumkim @ahnchrisj @shaileshlakhani

few realize top games are monopolies with insane network effects fps, moba, and mmos are some of the toughest genres to compete in -- esp. against aaa devs with unlimited resources as a startup, a differentiated edge/attack vector/audience is a must

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im most bullish on teams leaning into the innovator's dilemma -- what are the type of games that these mega publishers won't touch and label as toys? feels like crypto/ar/vr are some of the most obvious ones today