First LBS to support global check-ins via Google Places API! - RT @TechCrunch Booyah’s MyTown Goes Global

BBC News - The secrets of changing the world

Happy to see Ubisoft shares rally on sales figures - MarketWatch - #in

RT @harvard Strength in naughty or nice | Harvard Gazette Online - Interesting study on being morally conscious

RT @VentureBeat Ubisoft launches digital game publishing business (exclusive) #in

If you're attending E3 next week, drop by the Ubisoft booth and say hello!

700k iPads sold this weekend, by comparison, it took Apple more than 70 days to sell 1 million iPhones after the initial launch.

The new Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier live-action trailer looks great! #in a website that updates on Twitter and Foursquare from people are telling they world that they are not at home lol

RT @TechCrunch Booyah! MyTown hits 1 million users before Foursquare or Gowalla

RT @VentureBeat Facebook case study: Ohai’s City of Eternals social game launches with solid metrics - Congrats Susan!

Comments posted from 2001 when Apple released 1st gen iPod #in

OpenFeint / CrowdStar CEO: iPad is A Transformative Gaming Platform

RT @mashable YouTube: Why Do We Watch? - Wonders if YouTube / Hulu model will ever reach profitability.

RT @gamasutra Study: Word Of Mouth Biggest Influencer In Game Purchases - If true, co-op / social is more so the future

RT @mashable BREAKING: Comast to Buy NBC Universal #in

RT @TechCrunch: YC-Funded WakeMate Helps You Kiss Groggy Mornings Goodbye awesome idea but question the effectiveness.

Facebook to IPO soon? Announces dual-class stocks reminiscent of Pre-IPO Goog back in 2004.

Asia Continues to be Facebook's Strongest Growth Region & South America Growing. Will FB become the next Goog?

RT @TechCrunch Breaking: eBay Completes Skype Sale At $2.75 Billion Valuation Not a bad exit for eBay given 1.7B value.