Analyst: Over 60 Percent Of iPhone Apps Have Been Pirated #in - Is free-to-play the inevitable future of iPhone apps?

Zynga raises a B Round of $15.2M at a $625M valuation. Even if we assume it's a previous round, makes you question their profit / burn.

Ubisoft aims to 'quickly' soar to a 10% market share: #in

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A Reignited Console War Means A Happy Holiday For Gamers & Publishers :) #wellplayed #consolewars

Koller said that Sony is not considering adding backwards compatibility support to the PS3, a feature stripped from the line a while ago ...

Nexon America said July revenues at the US arm of South Korea-base Nexon Group were 35 percent YoY. Meanwhile, US videogame sales sank i ...

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Nielson shows consumers spend more time with gms in Jun 09. Up 21%. However Wii is at the bottom of active users.

PlaySpan Launches Ultimate Payment Wall For Social Networks ----

[Edge-Online] Ubisoft Searching For Piracy Solution: Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has spoken of how p..

Apple Tablet Computer To Double As A Game Console

With consumers being more value focused. Online / freemium / social gaming may be the key to combatting low user retention in this economy.

Online Sales on XBL,Steam,D2D Surge 50%+ YoY growth.

Console gaming industry sees largest drop @ 41% last month according to NPD.