Be on the lookout for Apple's announcement of 10-inch multi-touch display tablet mac in the coming months.

@jsnmao ready for the nba draft combine?

11.48 -3.10 (-21.25%) bloodbath @ :(

Very close to singining up for surfing classes in SF.

running around meetings all day. have mercy!

Getting my nerd fix on by watching Harry Potter at the Met.

Sacrifice lunch to go the gym because there's no time after work.

daigo umehara is just unstoppable against justin wong.

@timetheft @krozeng2000 @jsnmao it was a fun trip fellas see you around town.

Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine

Google voice in theory sounds amazing

why free is the future of business

the good kind of busy I suppose.

Good to go home after a hard days work @Ubisoft