We’re leading the seed round in Rascal Games

I’ve known Rick Ling and Jonathan Lin since the summer of 2015. We first crossed paths at Riot Games when they just graduated from Y Combinator and UC Berkeley. It was one of our best strategic investments at the time, where they developed the ever-popular Blitz app from scratch and eventually sold their business to Discord.

Over the last four years, they’ve been busy building their core community product and engineering team from the ground up, contributing significantly to Discord’s growth.

Rick and Jon have a strong track record of scaling Discord and creating products gamers love. You rarely find a duo that is highly technically skilled, built consumer social products at scale, and deeply empathizes with the gaming community. They are well-suited to combine generative AI potential with their expertise in social consumer and gaming experiences, paving the way for something special that gamers will truly appreciate.

At Patron, we envision a future where online communities are way more immersive and interactive, like games, than traditional text-based chat platforms. We are thrilled to queue up with Rick and Jon once again on this exciting journey along with Jonathan LaiMitch LaskyStephen LimStanislav VishnevskiyAnjney MidhaWeixi Yen and esteemed angel investors in games! 🔥

If you are a game artist or game designer, this is a rare opportunity to join a founding team to build something incredible!

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